Trending: What You Can Expect To See This Halloween Season

For a child, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and probably the most exciting of the fall season. It’s a chance to show-off your handpicked or hand-made costume of choice, receive candy from strangers you can actually accept, and maybe one of the better benefits: a guaranteed functional justification to stay up past your bedtime.

Although you grow older and the child-directed customs change, Halloween is still celebrated with a shift of priorities. The holiday becomes a matchless excuse for a series of drinking-oriented social events and shameless wear of your liking; whether your directive is frightening or comical. Here is a brief explanation of what you can expect to bump into this Halloween season, and maybe some ideas if you tend to be the decide-your-costume-the-night-of-type. 


The Classics


These suggestions are quintessential costumes that literally represent the young adult presence on Halloween. Every year I see multiple people use these ideas, yet the repetitiveness has yet to stop. Everyone acknowledges the costumes typicality and frequency, but they don’t represent a lack of creativity or uninterest in participation of the event. Instead, the individuality and difference within each costume is appreciated.

1. Angel / Devil

2. Vampire

3. Police Officer

4. Ghost

5. Cheerleader

This Years Influence and Trends

1. Princess ( “Moana” and “Beauty and the Beast”)

2. Clowns ( “It” )

3. Superhero’s ( “Avenger’s Infinity War” and “Black Panther”)

4. Pirate ( “Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”)

5. Ariana Grande

           -With recent publicity for her upcoming album  Sweetener, the recent death of her recent ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and her expeditious engagement and split with Pete Davidson, Ariana has been all over the news.

6. Meghan Markle

            -Regardless of the royal infatuation, many Americans carry, with Markle’s recent pregnancy announcement she has been heading the media lines.

7. Kardashian Dynasty

            -Another family that is currently taking over the world, billion by billion. With multiple TV shows, clothing and makeup lines, constant magazine interviews, and even a brief encounter with music, these ladies are unavoidable. With the successful, classified pregnancy Kylie accomplished this past year, publicity boomed more (if we even thought this was possible). Looking for something different this season? Go as Kylie’s one-year-old that is almost never photographed.

8. Donald Trump

           -No comment necessary 

9. Weed

           -This ongoing controversial conversation continues to get louder. With Canada’s legalization as of last week, it’s possible that marijuana advocates will be present this season-of-course, depending on the event you are attending.

10. Ghosting

           -The term “ghosting”, the reference to an end of a relationship without explanation or communication, has gotten more popular within the past year. If you are looking for an amusing costume jabbing at societal norms in a relationship that should not be norms, then this may be for you.

Movies:  The cinema industry has had a continued presence and influence over our society, and this does not stop on Halloween. With the releases of recent movies teasing the boundaries of the box office, I’m sure some of the prominent characters will make their way to the Halloween scene this season. 

Fame:  Celebrities and influential people in our society receive a wide-range of attention from our citizens through social media and external news. Whether this is positive or negative, your existence becomes more prominent, regardless of your individual opinion. Here are some hot topic celebrities that you might see out of the news and in person this week.

Trends:  Every event needs a little controversy to create some unexpected entertainment. If you are the type of person to be that controversy, chose an outgoing costume. Personally, I like to watch, listen, and gather all of the information from possible debates, awkward comments, and maybe even fights (if I am lucky). That being said, I do not want to be the eye of the party. Most years, I notice a debatable topic or notion behind a costume idea. This roots from an undeniable passion or opinion that needs to be illuminated-even if it is more for a laugh.