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Although fear is something that can be seen differently on either side of the pond, anyone can grasp it through films within the horror genre. For too long in Hollywood, there is a pattern of typical storylines that are brought to the big screen. However, in Europe, the horror genre is something that is tremendously different and more subtle. OF course unless it follows the frequent “success” pattern. Julia Ducournau, a French filmmaker made her break when Crudo was presented on the big screen. This film was highly recognized in 2016 and 2017 when awarded the Fipresci of the Cannes Film Festival, the Best European Film at the Sitges Festival, Best Director (New Wave) of the Fantastic Film Festival, and the Sutherland award for the best feature film of the London Film Festival. 

Crudo is not a typical horror film. Justine follows the path of her family to attain her veterinary degree in her upcoming first year of college. This is an important moment for her including many firsts: the separation from her parents for the first time, a new set of experiences while entering the next phase of her life, and a more peculiar one– eating meat for the first time. Like her entire family, Justine is a vegetarian. But, in the student residence she will eventually discover the taste of meat is more than what she imagined it to be. 

Take a trip inside this teenager and jump into the vacuum of maturity by acquiring the knowledge of herself and roots, all in an unfamiliar and foreign way.

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