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BOOKS: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky against the norm

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a medium, spiritualist, clairvoyant, writer, and theosophist in the 19th century, who was mistakenly taken as a philosopher-occultist by the Nazis. But, above all, what stood out the most about this versatile Russian was her endeavor and embracement to be a free woman. And as such, in the era she lived, she ended up being a pioneer and reference for worlds that either did not currently exist or were just beginning.

She was born in Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1831 within a moderately affluent family. Her father was a military man, and her mother, a member of the Russian nobility, worked as a novelist. From the beginning of her life, Helena showed her sensitive abilities as a medium, causing amazement and fright in equal parts. At seventeen she married the governor of the Armenian capital. Although her life was deemed comfortable and calm due to her financial position in society, after three months in her marriage she decided to leave in order to travel to different countries in search for development of her strange abilities. She first visited multiple countries including Egypt, Turkey and Greece. She then visited Tibet in India, and from there traveled to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Later she traveled down to Latin America seeking to perfect her innate gifts.

Wherever she went, her philosophies were established in schools. At the time she found dozens of spiritualist societies, and was associated with the most famous mediums in the world. As a result of her intense journey to learn about her capabilities, she found the Theosophical Society. This society was responsible for seeking divine, hidden or spiritual wisdom. In addition, she wrote several books essential for the understanding of occult, including Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine: the Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.

secret doctrine

Because of her extraordinary talents beyond the natural comprehension of most people, she gained a large audience filled with enmity and dissatisfaction. To be more specific, this audience was filled with many men. The single factor of being a woman at the most absolute vanguard of extraordinary knowledge made her have as many detractors as admirers. These accusations of fraud created negative in their well-being, including physical health problems.

In addition to her philosophical books, she also wrote horror novels that are praised even today by the critics. According to Blavatsky, these stories were born out of real experiences that she witnessed; we will never know to what extent that is true. For anyone who is interested, you can find them in The Cave of Echoes.

Helena Blavatsky continues to inspire mystery lovers and those in search for related knowledge, and has been a great influence for people of all kinds of personalities from dissimilar fields. Take for example this blunder panoply: HP Lovecraft, Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Aleister Crowley, Vasily Kandinski, James Joyce, Jorge Luis Borges.

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