OH SHIT is designed and manufactured in Spain.

We like to support ethical and conscious production. We make sure to buy materials from local businesses and work under conditions protected by law and Human Rights.

In 2018 we embarked on a new adventure: we decided to set up our own production workshop to unify all the fields of work of our company. Thus, we certify the optimal conditions in order to offer the best possible product without any other factor in it.

With this initiative we also want to expand our ethical conscience within the production, moving away from fast fashion and take better advantage of all the resources within our reach. Except for a small stock, most of our garments will be made to order, as soon as possible, but with all the dedication and love they deserve.


Our swimsuits are made with the highest quality Lycra made in Spain. Composition: 18% Elastomer 82% Polyamide On average, 26% of the environmental impact in the life of a garment occurs after leaving the store. The use of resources such as energy, water and the useful life of the garment has a lot to do with the way we look after our clothes at home. That power is ours. Care advice for our clothes:

  • Rinse with cold water
  • Air dry to avoid stretching
  • To prevent mold, make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before storing it
  • It should not be exposed to direct heat, high temperatures, chlorine and others
  • The chemicals will ruin the integrity of the fabric over time
  • NEVER put your bathing suit in a washer or dryer
  • NEVER dry clean, iron or whiten
  • Avoid rough surfaces: in particular, the rough edges of swimming pools, wood and other uneven surfaces can hook the fabric. (That goes for all swimsuits, no matter the brand)

  • * Be Eco-friendly: Many of the chemicals in laundry detergents have a negative environmental impact, therefore, it points to those that have an eco-label. Always dose as recommended on the package. Using more detergent will not make your clothes cleaner. :)


At OH SHIT we like to take care of the environment in which we live, that is why we have proposed some points to improve among all.

  1. What can I do with the packaging of my purchase?
    Our garments are sent inside a clear plastic envelope. Instead of throwing it away, you can reuse it to store anything you can think of. (To save the mobile from the sand on the beach, save your collection of queue, or simply to transport your swimsuit).
  2. What do I do with the label?
    We would love to be able to reuse the cardboard labels of the garments! It is a very good option not to overproduce and we can do it if we help each other :) We propose something to you: If you send us back the cardboard label of your garment by Mail we will thank you with a discount code of 15% for your next purchase. You just have to send it with a note where you indicate your mail and we will send you the code as soon as we receive it.
  3. What do I do with the shipping envelope?
    You can reuse it to send the label back to us, you can turn it over (to be able to put the new shipping data) and close it with a little bit of zeal and that's it! Or if you do not have anything to send, you can take it to the nearest recycling point.
  4. What can I do with my swimsuit when I do not want to use it anymore?
    You can give it to someone or donate it to an organization so it can be reused by someone else. You can also give it a second life by carrying out a customization / transformation and giving it new uses.