OHSHIT seeks to convey a visual message that can change the perception many girls have of themselves. Your body is beautiful ALWAYS, regardless of its shape, color, age, gender or sexuality, but to be able to realize you have to learn to respect yourself, letting yourself be carried away by your desires, your instincts and your priorities.

We do not make swimsuits to wear them as such, but to say "here I am". There is no greater empowerment than self-love.

Behind the brand

Behind OH SHIT is the designer and photographer Vanessa Delfer. She was born in Algeciras in 1990, and is based in the city of Seville. Not only is she behind the design of the brand's swimsuits, but she has also created the corporate image, the visual of Instagram, and has placed herself behind the camera on almost every occasion. In addition to this multidisciplinary character, her creative personality led her to study Fashion Design, and she has complemented her studies with different courses in order to improve everything she carries out in OH SHIT, which arises, precisely, from some practices carried out in Paris for a well-known French firm, where she decided to embark on this project.